Bearded Cumberbatch Is a Stranger in a Strange Land for Doctor Strange

We’ve got production pictures from Benedict Cumberbatch filming Doctor Strange. The shoot is currently underway in Nepal, and the backdrop the country is providing is breath-taking.


The beard… well, that’s probably a little less so. Though, it’s one of the character hallmarks, so it’s to be expected.

Check out more pictures fans have collected on Twitter and Instagram, below.


This was actually the first picture that leaked, earlier int he week last week. The image was blurry though, and it as unclear exactly who was with Cumberbatch, if anyone.


Here’s a good shot of the costume. I’m pretty certain the hair is a wig also.


And I just love this image.

Strange2-d3020 strange3-12195

The make up is doing major things to his already prominent cheekbones. The beard and the wig don’t match. It’s really irritating.


And that with him is Chiwetel Ejiofor, who will be playing Baron Mordo.


A much better shot of the two of them in costume. I love Ejiofor’s costume by the way.


I looks like the facial hair isn’t Cumberbatch’s own either, but all applied for the shoot, as you can see from this “off duty” fan shot. You would think, since both are fake, they could at least make them look more like the same hair, no?


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