More on “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

The new Harry Potter movie had its first bout of major promotion last week, with a huge Entertainment Weekly cover story. It’s over a year away, but you can’t blame Warner Brothers for starting the hype train as soon as it could, considering that Pan and The Man from UNCLE were both huge flops this year.


But there are a few very concerning things about this new movie, and I’m not just talking about the Americanized word for Muggle being “NoMaj.”


The pros: The Magical Congress of the United States of America is set up in reflection to the US government.  It’s stuck in Woolworths, and it sounds like the plan is to do a send up of our bureaucracy the same way Rowling did one of the UK. There’s also a lot of references to the Salem Witch trails, which seem to function as the core wound to the Magical community in the US.

The cons: Well, first off there’s “NoMaj” which, if Rowling had consulted the fan community would have known we’ve already come up with a better word for non-magical US citizens: Mundanes. But then there’s the setting: Harlem. This is a movie that is almost totally white. There are millions of locations in New York City to set the movie. and yet they insist on wiping the existence of African-Americans, and their history and heritage out of the universe to make way for white magicians.

Uncool Rowling. Uncool.


2 thoughts

  1. 1936! Harlem Renaissance! WTF! What’s your source for the ‘Harlem’ setting rather than NYC in general / more broadly as a location? Love your blog!


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