Doctor Who: “Sleep No More” Images

This is the first “small” episode we’ve seen the show do all season, so perhaps it’s not surprising that there’s only a small amount of promotional pictures to go with it.

DW9_EP9 copy 2

And as has been emphasized greatly this is a “found footage” episode. I had thought that maybe that meant it would end up a bit like “Blink,” and be Doctor and companion-lite. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. It seems to be just a framing device.

20150805-DW S9B7-101228A

There also seem to be two sets of people who are investigating. The Doctor and Clara, and then the uniformed set of people, played by Elaine Tan and Neet Mohan.

20150729-DW S9B7-094735

I assume they will have different end game plans for what’s going on here.

20150729-DW S9B7-144219 20150729-DW S9B7-153110 20150729-DW S9B7-153937

(I also assume they’re probably fodder for the monster of the week.)

20150803-DW S9B7-175533

And though there will be “horror” monsters, I think Reece Shearsmith (whose character name is Rassmusssen) is the real monster here.

20150729-DW S9B7-174832A

And I think we should all be very worried about this.

20150806-DW S9B7-101153

Very. Worried.

20150806-DW S9B7-153454B 20150806-DW S9B7-153509 20150807-DW S9B7-104220 20150807-DW S9B7-144354Ab

So are the horror monsters real? Or are they hallucinations due to lack of sleep?



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