Tunes for Tuesday: Grimes “Art Angels”

Those of you who have been following our Tunes for Tuesday column will know I’ve been pretty obsessed with Grimes since I discovered her last year. On Friday her new album “Art Angels” dropped after a long delay as she totally retooled her sound. The ethereal electronic sound of Visions has been wiped, replaced with a more earthy mainstream pop that wouldn’t be all that out of place on the Top 40 charts next to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. There’s still a bit of the Kpop synth bubblegum sound, a bit like a soundtrack for her anime superhero alterego. And more importantly, these are not love songs. No jilted girls, so sad Adele like sighs of the heart. These are songs to kick ass and take names on the dance floor to.  The result is infectious.

Below, one of my favorite tracks, plus a collaboration with Janelle Monae!

The collaboration with Janelle Monae is actually one of the best Fuck-off tracks from the album.

One of the softest tracks, and probably the closest things to a love on the album, the song “Easily.” (Also, one of the few tracks where you can really hear she’s Canadian.)

And finally, my favorite track from the album. As Grimes fans know, at the end of last year when she scrapped her first take on the album, she released a demo track from it “Realiti.” I thought that was the only version we’d ever hear it. So imagine my shriek when about 2/3rd in, suddenly the same riff started up and the retooled finished version of the track kicked in. To me there is no better example of where Grimes was, and how far she’s come than the difference between the original single and the finished product.




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