100 Years of Beauty… The Research Behind Brazil

CutVideo’s rampage of man-centric beauty videos in the last couple of weeks completely distracted us from noticing that the Research video for Part 11: Brazil, had also quietly posted.


Chris Chan sits down and talks about the research that went into the looks, including the fact that she’s a white redhead. Cintia is from Southern Brazil, and part of the reason for using her was because she’s not the stereotypical ideal of the look. He also mentions how some of the looks they do were definitely meant for Brazilian women of color, and that showing it as a white woman probably was confusing for the viewer. They also address that they’ve used white women as models for several countries where it perhaps it wasn’t always appropriate, and that they are considering revisiting some of them through the eyes and beauty standards of people of color.

They also discuss the fact that Cintia is a director in her own right and makes her own videos for her swimwear line. I had thought this might have been a way to get a different income source to make the videos, but it was more because they wanted to try doing one with a model who is used to controlling her own image. Interesting!


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