Capitol Couture’s Final Issue

With The Hunger Games series nearly over, Capitol Couture, the fantastical website which chronicled faux designs from the fantasy of Panem is coming to an end. Their final issue, which came out this week, focused on “The Huntress.”


A strong and savage leader who isn’t afraid to take down her adversaries. Inspired by “defense mechanisms in nature,” her outerwear is a blend of trophies collected in the wild and found materials that function as protective armor. She is adorned in a crown of fabulous porcupine quills complemented by a whimsical leopard capelet.

Check out a few more designs from their final issue below.


There is only one victor we can imagine making a head brace look stylish—Porter Millicent Tripp from District 5. For those of you that don’t remember, Tripp earned her “halo” and a broken neck after a spinal injury she received in the Games’ final showdown.

*shivers in horror*


This bold feather mohawk packs a big punch—a bold alternative to your everyday wig. The look is supported by a skin-tight PVC body suit featuring well-placed cutouts and gladiator shoulder pads draped with lush white furs.


To evoke the spirit of these changing times, Capitol Contributor Susanne Bartsch has employed innovative Samsung technology to design a distinctive new look for the Capitol runway. Bartsch has a reputation for being a controversial figure in the Capitol—an effervescent personality with a penchant for breaking the rules. Her latest design, modelled by Hannah Davis and photographed by renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein, is an absolute showstopper. We are completely transfixed by the translucent silk chiffon cape reminiscent of waving oriflammes. It’s daring. It’s bold. It’s stunning. Paired with an authoritative bodysuit, the entire look feels somehow elegant and playful. The half moon headpiece, in the vein of traditional Japanese dress, a vibrant red (no doubt the hottest hue of the season).

Red, the hottest hue of the season? Why would that be…




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