Downton Abbey Season 6: Preview Picture Spoilers Part 2

Downton Abbey finished its last regular series run this past Sunday, so that can only mean one thing (other than the PBS wind up for it to air over here in January.) It’s time to round up the spoilery pictures for the second half of the season, and try to make sense of what we’re seeing. (For those who missed the spoilery pics for the first half of the season, they are here.)


Please note, the following pictures are deliberately out of order. There are also some *very* spoilery pictures at the bottom, so be careful. And as always, a full disclosure–I have not watched any of the episode for the season yet, though I did pick up a few things on the way. I promise not to mention them. Those who may have been illegally streaming them over here (or our readers from over there) we ask that you do no spoil anything in the comments either.

2 downton 6 6

Well Violet certainly looks offended.

3 downton 6 7

Mary, her beau, and her beau’s helluva car.

4 downton 6 8

Edith looks contemplative. Love her umbrella though. Perhaps they are wondering why he doesn’t get a helluva car.

5 downton 6 5

I feel like they must be looking at Daisy and approving of whatever she’s doing off camera.

6 downton 6 6

I’m your mother. I can come into your room if I like.

7 downton 6 6

Ooh, look, it’s time for Antiques Roadshow at Downton Abbey. I assume Hugh Scully’s father is presenting?

8 downton 6 8

This is a charming picture of father and son. (Oh, wait, that doesn’t actually say “Matthew Crawley” on it. Nevermind. Carry on.)

9 downton 6 6

Someone just discovered how irritating husbands are.

10 downton 6 5

“Oh but my dear, I could have told you that.”

11 downton 6 8

Thomas looking spooky.

12 downton 6 6

Isobel looking offended.

13 downton 6 8

Rosalind, bringing the hats.

14 downton 6 5

My goodness! Is that an approximation of Neville Chamberlain? Someone should take him aside and warn him about Hitler.

15 downton 6 6

No I’m sorry, I won’t be voting for the labour party. Good day.

16 downton 6 5


17 downton 6 8

Ooh, proto TV.

18 downton 6 6

“And then we sold Downton and let it become a museum.”

19 downton 6 5

Her name is Laura Edmonds. That is all we know at this time.

20 downton 6 7

Well, that looks like a lovely picnic.

21 downton 6 7

“Yes, two large pizzas please. Have them delivered to the racetrack.”

22 downton 6 6

“Oh right, I’m supposed to be a writer or something, aren’t I?”

23 downton s6 ep 8

Why are the paparazzi after Patmore?

24 downton 6 7

A day at the races calls for the best hats.

25 downton 6 8

Huh. The staff is thinning out a bit, isn’t it? Or are those our non-picnic people?

26 downton 6 6


27 downton 6 7


28 downton 6 8

Look, if all Mary does is stand around in flappertasic clothing for the last four episodes of the season, I’ll be ok with that.

29 downton 6 8

Oh dear. What’s Mrs Patmore mad at his lordship for now? Did he send the paparazzi?

30 downton 6 ep7

This whole “car racing scene” doesn’t seem to be Mary’s thing. I wonder why?

31 downton 6 8

This whole “being happy scene” doesn’t seem to be Edith’s thing. I wonder why?

Ok, here come the big spoilers guys. Stop reading now if you don’t want to know, or are squeamish.

x downton 6 6

Thomas goes to a very bad place, mentally.

y ep8 mary


yy downton ep 8

…does this again.

z downton 6 ep 5

Yes Cora is splattered with blood here.

zz robert ep5

One thing I will say about Fellowes. He doesn’t hold back on the old timey medical emergency gore.

As for what happened, and when, and if Robert survives, you’ll just have to wait and see.


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