Downton Abbey: Changes and Spoilers are Coming

While ITV continues with their run up to the Christmas special finale to play upon the sympathies and nostalgic emotions of the British people, over here in America, PBS continues to recognize why Americans tune in.

Behold! Modern technology creep continues!

(You’ll notice, like the earlier montages, this has no footage from the upcoming season. Can’t allow spoilers!)

not a bad day at the office 2

Meanwhile, in spoilerville, ITV has released the guest cast list for the final Downton Abbey Christmas special ever. They include:

Patricia Hodge (Miranda) who plays Bertie Pelham’s mother. Also returning are Lily James (Cinderella) and Matt Barber (Being Human) as Lady Rose and Atticus Aldridge, alongside Lady Rose’s father, Shrimpie played by Peter Egan (Unforgotten).

Also, though production happened at Hogwarts again, it’s not standing in for Lady Rose’s new home. Instead:

Production spent a week at Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, which doubled as the location for Brancaster, home of Bertie Pelham, the new Marquess of Hexham. Filming took place in the spectacular interior rooms of the Castle as well as on the estate. Production also filmed dining scenes at the Iconic Ritz in central London.

Oh look–that title-less beau Edith was considering last Christmas seems to have managed to get himself a title. How convenient. (About time Edith landed the right man, no?)


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