Soda Bunny’s Adventures Abroad: Paris (Part Un)

We continue with Soda Bunny’s Adventures Abroad. After leaving Germany, Soda Bunny headed to Paris. There were so many places he visited we’re breaking this post into two installments. We open with Soda Bunny heading to the first place nearly all tourists go in Paris…

1Eiffel Tower 1

As you can see, he grew a mustache for the occasion.

2 Arc de Triomphe 1

Next he touristed at the Arc de Triomphe.

3 Angelina 3

Then it was time to be French, and stop for a coffee.

3 Bakery 1

And pastries, naturally.

4 Place de la Concorde art 1

I love this shot at the Place de la Concorde.

5 Metro

Like any good tourist, Soda Bunny traveled by Metro.

6 Notre Dame 1

Then he checked out Notre Dame. No hunchbacks to be found.

7 Notre Dame 2

Just beautiful stained glass windows.

8 Notre Dame 3

And perfectly sized seats for Bunnies.

9 Parisian park

Paris has a lot of places perfect for a Bunny to rest between all this tourist hopping.

10 Pont Alexandre III 2

Well, perhaps this isn’t one of them.

12 Boeuf

Time for more French Food

13 Colorful macarons

And hanging out with fellow bunnies to snack on macarons.

14 Sacre Coeur 1

The Sacre Coeur had lots of steps to hop up.

15 Sacre Coeur 4

But the view was worth it.

16 Steak & potatoes

As was dinner.

17 Berthillon sundaes

And dessert!

18 Tuileries Garden

Soda Bunny even found a statue dedicated to him at the Tuileries Garden.

19 Decorative lamp

But preferred to chill with talkative strangers.

20 Mariage Freres 1 21 Mariage Freres 4

One should taste all the fare the French have to offer.

22 At play

Before heading out to play with one’s friends.

23 David Lebovitz approved macarons

Please note, these are David Lebovitz approved macarons.

24 Ratatouille

Fortifying with Ratatouille (he heard it might have been made by a rat!) before heading out for part 2, and the museums.


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