100 Years of Beauty: Part 13 Ethiopia

After the Movember inspired choice to feature the Male Standards of Beauty for the last 100 years, CutVideo has returned to form with focusing on woman’s beauty standards. For episode 13, they eschew the Western standards completely and head around the globe to North Eastern Africa. This is the standards of beauty for Ethiopia.


The choice of Ethiopia is very deliberate, as this is one of the very few countries in Africa that was not colonized by Western powers during the 1800s, though they were defeated by the British in a  couple of skirmishes. It was occupied by the Italians in the mid 1930s just before WWII, but due to the war, and the Italians’ defeat as part of the Axis powers, that didn’t even last a full decade before they were defeated by the Ethiopian people and sent packing.

Note that the 1930s are the closest to a “western” type style that we have here pre modern media invading in the 1960s. Once we hit the 1960s though, the ironed and straightened hairstyles that mimic Western beauty standards appear, and the headwraps/natural afro-esque styles disappear completely. Western media conquered Ethiopia when Western colonization powers couldn’t.



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