John Oliver On France and Fantasy Sports

I know, we were probably all expecting Oliver to do a deep dive into the Paris tragedy. But that happened Friday night, and his show taped not even 48 hours later. So instead of tossing out their deep dive and doing a fast rewrite, the show stuck to their original deep dive story. That doesn’t mean that didn’t also discuss the Paris tragedy and give it a moment of profanity before pointing out that if you’re going to fight on culture ground, the last place you want to start with is France.

To be fair, until Friday, the cracking down on Fantasy sports gambling on-line was  a big enough story that even the PBS Newshour was doing in-depth segments on it. And as we know from seeing his sausage, John Oliver does love sport.

And if you are looking for Oliver’s piece on the Syrian refugee crisis (which he covered last month) here it is.


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