Doctor Who: “Face the Raven” Promotional Pics

C’mon Miss! Let’s go on down to Diagon Alley!

20150619-DW S9B5-160953

I’m actually convinced Doctor Who is using the same set as Harry Potter for this episode. I’m really impressed how they kept most of this under wraps by the way. We saw filming pictures on London streets, but the season trailers did not even begin to hint at this, let alone Maisie Williams’ return.

Let’s check out the other images, most of which seem to be set in a house.

20150615-DW S9B5-082220

So, are we meeting Rigsy’s family? The special guest actors are Letitia Wright (Anahson), Simon Manyonda (Kabel) and Naomi Ackie (Jen), but other than first names we know little about them.

20150615-DW S9B5-082821A

Note the wall behind the staircase, and all the blinking lights. Guessing this is Lady Me’s new digs?

20150615-DW S9B5-082916A 20150615-DW S9B5-083853

Also note the hexagonal patterns in the wall swooping into the stairwell. feels a bit TARDIS, or spaceship-ish.

20150615-DW S9B5-140800

And why is the Doctor getting in her face?

20150615-DW S9B5-143033 20150616-DW S9B5-082544A

After a season of wandering about in my husband’s PJ’s, it’s good to see the Doctor finally dressing for dinner.

20150616-DW S9B5-084416

Lady Me still seems like a sulky teenager, which is weird, since at this point she’s verging on the same age as the Doctor.

20150616-DW S9B5-133212

What…even…IS that?

20150615-DW S9B5-094326 20150622-DW S9B5-124832

(Is it wrong that I want him to be the new owner of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes?)

20150622-DW S9B5-173035

This picture is part of why I think at least some of these people are Rigsy’s family.

20150617-DW S9B5-111304

Since when did Diagon Alley need police?

20150617-DW S9B5-113602

I suppose when she moved in?

20150617-DW S9B5-135806

Oh, and though they aren’t featured in the pictures, we know from the TV trailer there are Cybermen here as well. Betting this is their disguise.

20150618 DW S9B50199 20150618 DW S9B50203

As for Ashildr/Lady Me, I want her necklace.



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