The Acro Cats on Stephen Colbert

Do not mistake yourselves. For I am a cat lady, and I have seen the Amazing Acrocats live in person.


So when I heard they were going to be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week, I was very excited. First of all, the show is brilliant. Second of all…the show is brilliant. See, here’s the thing. They’re cats. That means only half the time (if you’re lucky, and as you’ll see below, in the first segment, they weren’t all that lucky) the cats will do the tricks. Where the funny part comes in is that other half.

When the cat comes out and can be talked into doing the trick, it’s amazing and worth the applause. But when the cat comes out and doesn’t do the trick, and well, acts like a cat, because seriously, you want me to what? No I feel like stretching right now, and going over here and sniffing this, it’s the funniest thing you’ll see all day.

Not only did she bring the Acro-Cats, but also the Rockcats, which were my favorite part of the show when I saw it.

0 (2) 0 (3)

(Cat on the Guitar or Cat on the Guitar. Both work.)

And one I had not seen in the live show: NOLA the Cat performs 4’33”.

You can support the AcroCats and their need for a new tour bus here.


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