Tunes for Tuesday: Hamilton

It has come to my attention that not everyone in the world has fallen madly in love with the Hamilton Broadway soundtrack. We need to rectify this immediately.

Below, several tracks from the musical.

Act One:

What time is it? It’s SHOWTIME!

Destiny’s Child, circa 1776.

The Pride of Mt. Vernon.

And yet, for some reason, the best numbers are reserved for Aaron Burr.

Yes, Miranda rewrote “The Ten Crack Commandments” as a Broadway tune.

Act Two:

You could have been anywhere in the world today, but instead you are at a Cabinet Meeting.

Again, best songs? Belong to Aaron Burr.

By the way, the Obamas went and saw this recently. I feel like Obama probably sings this song in an ironic fashion now.

A ballad where the last fourth of the song is Washington’s farewell address. This is the nerdiest thing you’ll listen to all day. It’s also the best.

As for the rest, I’ll let you decide if you need to listen to the inevitable conclusion...




2 thoughts

    1. The Reynolds Pamphlet is always a little jarring to me when it starts. I love the song once it hits its stride, but as the only “southern rap” entry of the group, it drops in kinda bumpy, if that makes sense.


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