Doctor Who Extra: Sleep No More

As those who read my recap know, I was very unimpressed with this week’s Doctor Who episode. I wasn’t the only one. The kindest recaps called it confusing. The more honest ones agreed it just didn’t work. So why did the show go through with this episode? I mean, they must have realized somewhere int he process that this wasn’t working, and that the episode was going to basically “break the streak.’ Turns out part of the reason they were so hell-bent on making it was because Mark Gatiss has been pushing this idea for a while.

Much like I said in my recap, there were ideas here that are good–including exploring how accelerated sleep can totally cause horrific, unforseen side effects. Unfortunately “monster eye boogers” is not the direction to go.

At least if they were eyeboogers, the show could have done us a favor and not shown them. Way to totally ruin it.

Perhaps more telling is that there are very few videos for this week’s episode (unlike some of our other episodes this season.) In fact, the only other one dealing with this past Saturday concerns Coleman and Caaldi bitching about filming in a freezer.

I suppose it’s more politic than complaining about the script anyway.




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