Downton Abbey Finale: Christmas Special Hints

ITV has released promotional photos for Downton Abbey‘s finale. The Christmas Special will air next month (and will air directly following Season 6 on PBS in February.) No major spoilers here, but there are quite a few adorable hats.


Check out the final looks we’ll see Lady Mary, Lady Edith and Lady Rose in, below.


Not just a hat, but an of-the-moment chinoiserie style parasol. The fad hit in the mid 1920s, which is when we’ll be leaving off our family.


Edith with fur collar and styling hat.


Note that Lady Rose outfit also has a chinoiserie type style to it. Married life hasn’t put her off her fashion game at all.


Oh look, he hasn’t killed himself in a car yet. Good for him.


Probably the closest thing to a spoiler is that Robert lives to the end of the series.


As do these two. Should be be slightly concerned at the lack of Carson?


One thought

  1. But will Robert live out the Christmas Special? Will the Dowager Countess?
    Will Bates off Anna?
    Will Anna off Bates?
    Who will light the tree?
    So many questions?


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