River Song Promises to be “Kissing Everyone for Christmas”

With Jenna Coleman’s departure as the companion on Doctor Who imminent, it looks like part of the reason River Song as been brought back for the Christmas special is to fill the hole left in the Doctor’s life. Not that she’s admitting it just yet. In fact, from the sounds of things, she completely has no idea that Peter Capladi is who her hubby has regenerated into. At least, that what The Mirror is claiming.

[D]espite her shock festive return, Doctor Who , played by Peter Capaldi , still faces being lonely this Christmas because River doesn’t recognise his new reincarnation and keeps romancing other fellas.

The lovelorn Timelord ends up chasing River around the universe in a vain bid to to win over her affections.


Well, I suppose that’s one new spin, and certainly a full 180 from our first meeting of River, where the 10th Doctor had zero idea who she was. But then again, this is the first time Alex Kingston will be playing against a Doctor who is older than she, so perhaps the tables turning is not such a surprise.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Capaldi promises this will be a very different relationship than the one with Smith (or for that matter with Tennant.)

20150616-DW S9B5-082544A

“My Doctor is different from the Doctors who were there when Alex first arrived,” Capaldi said. “This Doctor’s different from that. It’s a different dynamic.” 

Capaldi also admits that he’s really intrigued by going into the next season sans Clara.

“I’ve only done two series, but I’m amazed at how fast it’s gone. I’ve done 26 episodes now, you know. And every time you’ve got through a season, and you’ve discovered all these things about this new Doctor, it’s sort of scrapped and you start again. You have to come to it afresh and find new things – but that’s quite challenging and interesting. So I’m fascinated to know where we’re going to go. Because in some ways he’s much more amenable, but in other ways he’s even darker. So I think that makes for a very interesting character.”

It will be very interesting to see who they bring in to play against him as well. Do we think that River at Christmas will be a one-off? Or perhaps start re-occurring again, like Missy does?


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