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  1. Little snow here, we got a sciff of snow about a week ago and is practically all gone. Cold but no snow. This is actually bad, the perennials need a blanket of snow to protect their roots. Cold will penetrate deeper into the ground causing frost heave around buildings.
    This is apparently due to a strong El Nino.
    Makes getting around easier though and cuts down on fender benders and broken hips.
    Stay warm.


  2. Hi Everyone!

    We saw the surgeon and got the results of the PET scan today. There is no metastasis and he is optimistic for a good outcome. There will still be chemo and possibly radiation, so we are not out of the woods yet but at least now we have a whistle and compass.


    1. Yay for no metastasis and optimism for outcomes!! That’s great! Snoopy dances and flower petals for all!


  3. I have had a Really Bad Day. Even broke down and cried at one point this morning, which I never do. A bad confluence of car problems, problems with the car repair people, health problems and work problems. Also no time for food today, and not enough sleep. watson thinks to herself, “Bloody hell, can I just sit down and breathe for five minutes?” Thankfully, there is the Daily Kitty.


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