Doctor Who: “Heaven Sent” Images

With only two episodes to go, it’s time to check out the images from the first half of the finale, “Heaven Sent.” As a reminder, at the end of last week the Doctor was sent somewhere, alone, by Mayor Me, who made a deal with whomever is where the Doctor is going to keep them from threatening Trap Street. Who or what are they? And how is the Doctor handling Clara’s death?

20150702-DW S9B6-183537

Not well apparently. Let’s see the rest below.

20150626-DW S9B6-113851

Are we on the set of The Dark Crystal?

20150626-DW S9B6-143943

(We’re not burying Clara’s body are we?)

20150626-DW S9B6-154307

No, we’re on a disused Game of Thrones set. Gotcha.

20150626-DW S9B6-164308 20150626-DW S9B6-175330B

He chose down?
Too late now…

20150626-DW S9B6-182403

At least it’s more creepy than the eye boogers?

20150630-DW S9B6-132600 20150630-DW S9B6-162117

Wherever we are, the architecture is lovely.

20150701-DW S9B6-203542A 20150701-DW S9B6-215613A

I love the lighting of this episode.

20150701-DW S9B6-225025A 20150701-DW S9B6-225049 20150702-DW S9B6-182102 20150703-DW S9B6-145239

Alas, poor Yorick…

20150721-DW S9B6-095725 20150721-DW S9B6-141452 20150722-DW S9B6-185602

Whoa, what happened to the Doctor’s face?


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