Downton Abbey to do Another “Text Santa” Special

With only one episode left to go over across the pond, it’s not surprising that ITV is having Downton Abbey do a another one-off special to help promote their Text Santa charity special. Text Santa, for those that don’t know, is ITV’s answer to the BBC’s Children in need telethon, which already happened a couple of weeks back. Lats year, Downton’s inclusion in the special (with George Clooney guest starring) meant that Text Santa got a global boost in awareness. Of course they’re going to do another one.


The guest star this time isn’t an American level A list actor, unfortunately, so perhaps the hype in the US might not go quite so high. Instead Sir Bruce Forsyth, most recently of Strictly Come Dancing fame, will take the guest spot.

The Sun broke the news last week:

“Bruce filmed his part over the summer in total secrecy. Everyone has been determined to keep the exact details covered up so there’s a big surprise on the night.

“He’s a fan of the show and couldn’t turn down such a big opportunity — especially following on from George Clooney.”

No other details or images are available (yet) though as we get closer to the telethon in December, I’m sure ITV will be posting something. Noted that they filmed this back over the summer, which is when the rest of the season filmed, so that there wouldn’t be much extra work. Also, good thing for them that they did so. Forsyth has been off Strictly this past fall, due to health problems. The BBC has promised he’ll be back for the Christmas special next month though.


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