100 Years of Beauty Part 14: Americana Tattoos

This is a bit of an outlier to the run of 100 Years of Beauty series that CutVideo has run. But to be honest, it’s actually quite up the rest of the sites alley, which focuses on interviews on subjects from pierces to sex to Americans reacting to the standards one finds overseas. Tattoos in America have certainly evolved with the times. It’s a fascinating concept, even if it doesn’t quite line up with what the series has aimed at so far.


This is also their first “full body” Beauty video (though many of the knock of versions, like the ones at Mode, do full body regularly.) It also is much longer than the regular videos, which keep themselves to a minute, and do not have any dialogue. As for the girl who permanently inked herself for this project? I suppose being a walking history of the artform is something to remarkable.

Check out the video below.

One of the more interesting notes. The jump in quality that correlates to the jump in computer technology from the 1980s to the 1990s is startling. Also I never knew that the style most of my friends prefer with the deep black heavy lines–what I think of as the more tribal looking ones–are 1960s era. I always assumed they were a 1990s thing.

And yet my favorite over all is the one from 100 years, the black and white floral from the 1910s. It’s simple, but because of the lack of color, one of the most striking.


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