Peter Jackson Hints He’s Directing Doctor Who, Trolls Steven Moffat

Hello, I’m look for a director?

Everything about this video Peter Jackson posted on Facebook over the holiday break is hilarious and delightful, from the endless polishing of the Oscars, to the concept that he couldn’t possibly direct anything in a mere twelve days. (Five months? Now we’re talking.) Let alone leave his beloved New Zealand to do so.


But just as you’re falling out of your chair over Jackson’s snark of Moffat’s overloaded schedule and how he couldn’t possibly write a coherent email after doing Doctor Who and Sherlock back to back, in walks Capaldi…excuse me The Doctor.

“Who?” asks Jackson.
“Exactly,” responds Capaldi.

For those who might not remember, getting Jackson aboard to direct an episode of Doctor Who has been circling the rumormill for quite some time, with Jackson even stating as filming for the final Hobbit movie finished that the BBC didn’t even need to pay him. He would do it for a Dalek. Let’s hope this video is proof that the prop department discovered and extra one from the 1970s, refurbished it, and has it ready to be boxed up and sent to New Zealand.

Either that or he’s going to be directing AMC’s The Walking Dead.


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