PreFall 2016: Burberry

With December nearly upon us, it must be time for the PreFall collections to descend. PreFall is one of those “off season” lines that rarely find themselves on the runway. In return they are the ones that last far longer in the stores. Even the most flamboyant and dramatic runway artists pull back when it’s time for these collections to present and aim for a far more commercial and saleable attitude. burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-001

But don’t mistake saleable clothes for uninteresting. These collections actually tell us more about a designer than their runway collections can. In the streamlining process, when the lights and the music are removed and the frills and furbelows paired down, what is it about their design aesthetic that they think is responsible for the brand’s success? When it comes to Burberry, the answer is clean lines, lots of outerwear varieties, pants, pants and more pants, and of course, new takes on their traditional tan overcoat.

Note too, the variety of accessories that come with every outfit. Even if you are not into their Federalist style rows of brass buttons and historical cut waistcoats that wouldn’t look all that out of place on the Hamilton stage, Christopher Bailey is betting you won’t be able to walk out of the store without one of those adorable bags with the brand staple tartan pattern.

Check out the full line below.

burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-002 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-003 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-004 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-005 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-006 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-007 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-008 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-009 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-010 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-011 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-012 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-013 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-014 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-015 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-016 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-017 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-018 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-019 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-020 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-021 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-022 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-023 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-024 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-025 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-026 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-027 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-028 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-029 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-030 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-031 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-032


One thought

  1. This collection is awesome – and totally can be considered for winter as well with all of those gorgeous coats. Beautiful images too; I want some Burberry in my life, now!


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