Your Daily Kitty Likes Puzzles



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  1. Here is a puzzle – where does the day go. I have a list of things to do, time allotted to do them, and yet there are too many things to do at the end of the time. So where does the time go?

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  2. What does one call the niece of a sister-in-law? I am clearly not a hobbit, or I would know the answer. Anyway, I helped the niece of my sister-in-law complete a puzzle over the holiday. It was princess themed, but surprisingly not very pink.


    1. As you noted, our kinship nomenclature is somewhat non-specific. A sister-in law can be the wife of your brother, or the sister of your husband. Many cultures are not so vague. And the niece could be the daughter of SIL’s brother, the daughter of SIL’s sister, or the daughter of SIL’s husband’s siblings.
      But our nomenclature is lacking in that precision.
      So you will have to call her:
      1. Niece of your (non-specific) sister-in-law.
      2. Doubtless delightful.


      1. She is pretty wonderful. She also has a little bit of a rebellious streak which (since I’m not her parent) I find endearing rather than annoying. The relationship is the daughter of my brother’s wife’s sister. As it is, I’m just “Auntie” which works for me.


        1. Being an Auntie is pretty great. I would encourage my sister’s husband’s sister’s child to call me Auntie but the child’s parents seem to think that’s weird.


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