Doctor Who: “Hell Bent” Images

So the big reveal came at the end of last week: The Doctor is back on Gallifrey for the finale. For a planet that is supposedly lost, or hidden, or whatever it was Moffat did with it at the end of the 50th Anniversary special, there seem to be quite a few guest stars who found their way there.

20150826-DW S9B8-095512

Not to mention a barn we all will recognize from the last time the War Doctor was wandering around…

20150826-DW S9B8-101930 20150826-DW S9B8-131432

What’s with people on Gallifrey dressing like they are in the Old West anyway?

20150826-DW S9B8-132845 20150826-DW S9B8-192056

Ahh, now that’s more like it.

20150827-DW S9B8-120159B



Hey, wait a minute….

20150817-DW S9B8-100555A

No, seriously, isn’t this is same damn 50s diner where the 11th Doctor met River and the Ponds in “The Impossible Astronaut?”

20150817-DW S9B8-183227A


20150824-DW S9B8-083639A

Ok, fine. Again, that’s more like it.

20150824-DW S9B8-090202 20150824-DW S9B8-090722 20150824-DW S9B8-124704 20150824-DW S9B8-140922

But what is Ohila doing here exactly?

20150824-DW S9B8-141320

And what is this?

Dr Who_S09_D12_block08034 Dr Who_S09_D12_block08036

And these?

Dr Who_S09_D12_block08055

And this guy?

Dr Who_S09_D12_block08148

What is happening here?

Dr Who_S09_D12_block08171



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