Your Daily Kitty Poses After Eating



5 thoughts

  1. If only I looked that good after eating. 🙂 After a very bad day yesterday, things have mildly improved today. At least I no longer want to pitch things through the window, which IMO counts for a win.

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  2. And Kitty says, over here? On the rug? Beside the rug? Is this my good profile? Am I brushed the right way?
    Although the truth is, I’m a cat and know I always look good and have no insecurities.


  3. I’m getting a little creeped out by our weather. Daytime temps are still above freezing when they should be 10 degrees below that. No snow cover, just a light dusting here and there. Clear skies is normal, but not when the temp is not -30C. The only good thing is that there is no risk of slipping on the non-existent ice. The weather it is weird. I would almost welcome a small snow storm as a reassurance of normality. And that is definitely not normal.


    1. I admit I am a little creeped out by our weather here too. Temps are above normal, and promise to get warmer later in the week. However, despite the creepiness, I am welcoming the respite from ice and snow. Don’t wish for snow, you know how those kinds of wishes can be granted with a vengeance! 🙂


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