Batman vs Superman Trailer Reminds Us Who The Real Heroine Is

Once again, Jimmy Kimmel has landed the major première of a comic book/fantasy movie trailer. I understood the first two–Captain America, Start Wars, ABC, all Disney properties. The synergy made sense. But Batman v Superman is very much *not* a Disney property–in the competitors. You would think it would deliberately therefore aim for Fallon, or Colbert. Odd.

batman v superman

As for the trailer itself, it’s not a bad one. Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent and tells the “puff piece” writing reporter exactly what he thinks of freaks who dress up in clownish costumes. Things blow up, Lex Luthor acts crazy, swear words are not actually said, and then…

And then Wonder Woman walks in to all this dick measuring contest nonsense, and slaps some order into this mayhem. No boys, she’s not with either of you. But if you have any sense, you’ll be with her.


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