Doctor Who Extra: “Heaven Sent”

Last week’s “one hander” episode, “Heaven Sent” was a unique episode in the Who canon. With literally no one else to deliver lines in the entire episode (save one single moment of what we might call Head!Clara, in the BSG tradition), Capaldi was basically giving us an hour-long one person show. It’s not something we see on television much at all. Moffat admits he’s never written anything like it before. It is basically, the televisual equivalent of a theatrical event.

Below, Moffat and company discuss the silent monster of last week, The Veil. There are also deep dives with director Rachel Talalay (one of the very few women directors on the show) on her design concepts.

Rachel on returning:

On visualizing the scripts:

On the castle set:

On the grave:

Bonus video: a snippet of Capaldi at the script read through.



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