HerUniverse Comes to Torrid

HerUniverse, the women’s fashion website that filled the huge gap in the market for fashionable fan wear for women, has finally gotten serious about plus sizes. As someone who borders on plus sized most of the time, this is a fantastic development, as much of the HerUniverse stuff is just this side of too small, and their plus sized stuff is usually way too big. But now they’ve partnered up with Torrid, the gothic bent girl’s plus sized store to supply Her Universe’s brand new Star Wars line in stores. This is a wonderful counterpoint to Hot Topic carrying the regular sized line.


Check out more of the looks below.


This one is my personal favorite.


Stormtrooper knitwear.


The dark leggings are actually pretty cool, in that they look like a random geometric pattern at first glance.


Capes are in. This is a fact. Love it or hate it. So of course there’s a cape dress. Personally I’d hear the Imperial March in my head all day if I was walking around wearing this.


My one disappintment? The BB-8 dress isn’t included. Maybe one day?



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