PreFall 2016: Fendi

I always find Karl Lagerfeld’s work at Fendi to be a fascinating contrast to his Chanel shows. Where Chanel is overly self serious, over the top and grandiose, Fendi is just fun. Whether or not you fall on the side of the line that fur is a fashion accessory that should only be worn by the animal who grew it, or a fashion accessory for the high fashion woman who seems to have shaved off all of their own is not important here. (Though I’m sure activists would argue otherwise. What’s fascinating to watch is Lagerfeld’s whimsical lighter side.


Take, for instance, the shoes. They are hilarious. Platform sneakers, don’t in a saddle show type pattern, all made of fur. They are clownish, especially paired with a striped coat that looks like she’s a walking bear rug. With the socks pulled all the way up, there’s a clownish sense to all this, a willingness to make fun of itself, that Lagerfeld might display in the sets at Chanel, but never, ever the clothing.

The fun continues with the rest of the collection below.

02-fendi-pre-fall-2016 03-fendi-pre-fall-2016 04-fendi-pre-fall-2016 05-fendi-pre-fall-2016 06-fendi-pre-fall-2016 07-fendi-pre-fall-2016 08-fendi-pre-fall-2016 09-fendi-pre-fall-2016 10-fendi-pre-fall-2016 11-fendi-pre-fall-2016 12-fendi-pre-fall-2016 13-fendi-pre-fall-2016 14-fendi-pre-fall-2016 15-fendi-pre-fall-2016 16-fendi-pre-fall-2016 17-fendi-pre-fall-2016 18-fendi-pre-fall-2016 19-fendi-pre-fall-2016 20-fendi-pre-fall-2016 21-fendi-pre-fall-2016 22-fendi-pre-fall-2016 23-fendi-pre-fall-2016 24-fendi-pre-fall-2016 25-fendi-pre-fall-2016 26-fendi-pre-fall-2016 27-fendi-pre-fall-2016 28-fendi-pre-fall-2016 29-fendi-pre-fall-2016 30-fendi-pre-fall-2016 31-fendi-pre-fall-2016 32-fendi-pre-fall-2016 33-fendi-pre-fall-2016 34-fendi-pre-fall-2016 35-fendi-pre-fall-2016 36-fendi-pre-fall-2016


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