Doctor Who: “Hell Bent” Intros and Clip

Opposite of the usual form, instead of Doctor Who giving us one introduction to the episode and two clips, this week we have two introductions to the finale episode, and one clip.

The second intro, which is Moffat’s, is far weaker, and in fact has quite a bit to quibble with.

The Timelords did not kill Clara. Clara’s own actions killed Clara. If anyone is culpable, it’s WhateverSheTitlesHerselfNow Me. The Timelords didn’t tell her to go around putting death sentences on people. They told her to send them The Doctor. The death sentences were her choice. She didn’t mean to have to go through with them, that’s the tragedy of it. In the end, Clara’s death was her own meddling fault. But certainly not one anyone can blame on the Time Lords.

At least the clip is awesome.


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