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  1. And what a Wonderful Wiz it waz.
    It was because.
    The voices were stronger, there were no weak male leads with no presence or impact whatsoever. I include the Christopher Walken of last year who was present somewhere else entirely.
    The changes that worked:
    Casting singers who could act rather than actors who could sing.
    Vibrant staging that was not out of a 1965 High School production.
    Presenting a musical that did not debut in the 1950s and did not have Mary Martin as its original lead.
    Singing, Singing out loud. Singing out loud with energy and confidence.

    The changes, I think, came first in production. They considered how they would present a live musical on TV. Then casting for singing, then acting, knowing that the acting could be closeups not projecting to a balcony. Unlike casting for a stage run, strong performers, headliner types could be in supporting roles, because it was only a rehearsal period and a show, not rehearsal and a nine month run. Thus all the big names singing.

    And staging, simple, but with all kinds of vibrancy and motion and using the height of the studio.
    And you could hardly see the wires.

    What show for next year?


  2. Last week the company that provides us with landline, mobile, internet and TV services called to set up a time to upgrade us to Fibre Optic to the house. They promised to come yesterday between two and four and rolled up precisely at 2:00PM Everything was done and working well by 4:30. As far as I can see, all is working as advertised. No cost install, no cost increase for our service. Did I mention it was a public utility?


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