More Downton Christmas Spoilers

The spoilers keep dripping out of the UK, as the Downton finale rounds the corner. Today we’ve got a new batch of photos showing the Granthams celebrating Christmas.


If you don’t mind the mild spoilers for Season 6, feel free to check out the rest below.


Yes Lady Rose and Atticus return for the finale.


I believe that’s the “yellow” parlor.


Sitting in a Chruch pew can only mean one of two things: a wedding or a funeral. The bad news is I’m pretty sure everyone got married by the end of the season proper.


Doctor Clarkson looks grumpy.


So what is Tom Branson arguing over while passing the gravy boat this time?


I suppose this is the big spoiler, but we all knew they were going to be a thing anyway, didn’t we?


One thought

  1. Dr Clarkson looking grumpy is not a spoiler. It is a characteristic look.
    Also, I like the Yellow Parlour.


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