Your Daily Kitty Is Startled

“I find your lack of stretch disturbing.”



6 thoughts

  1. The old saying was why keep a dog and then bark yourself. Of course one does not need to stretch if one keeps a cat on the premises. Leave things to the pros.


  2. I keep seeing chatter from the ideologically pure that Ms Clinton is not pure enough to support against the Republican nominee; that she is only the lessor of two evils. I am not an American, but given the US’s position in the world, generally for good, I do have an interest.
    I think less evil in the world is a good thing, especially at a moment when evil is so strong and has so many advocates.


    1. That kind of crap is more than annoying – it’s as if there isn’t miles (yea, light years) difference between Ms Clinton and the entire GOP field.

      As for ideological purity, well, when Ms Clinton was Senator Clinton, she did a great job for ALL of NY state, not just NYC and environs, as was her job. (Amusingly, that caused a lot of resentment from the NYC types – How dare she spend time working on behalf of farmers upstate and not cater to where the money is! Doesn’t she know we’re more important!) Then as Sec’y of State, she worked for the interests of the US under the direction of her former rival for the presidency, as was her job.
      I do not doubt that if she became POTUS she would take that job as seriously and work for all Americans.


    2. Yeah, agreed w/ watson42 & Nora Munro. It’s definitely a Village type thing. Also a “former Republican” now “Independent” thing. With a soupçon of “not left enough” and “too misogynist.”


    3. Okay, grammar above is unclear: I’m saying the objections to Clinton are coming from a misogynistic place.


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