Hot Topic Releases “Doctor Who” Fashion Collection

Hot Topic continues to invest heavily in the cosplay community. They recently brokered a deal with Her Universe to carry their Star Wars designs. Now they’ve come out with their own brand new Doctor Who line, just in time for the holidays and the off-season.


Sadly, the 12th Doctor hasn’t been dressing in such a fashion that it would work for cosplay. (I mean, seriously, his outfit for most of Series 9 was what my husband wears around the house.) But the 11th Doctor not only has a dress, but also a caplet.

Check out more of the designs below.


I love this sweater, but with the weeping angels on it, I think I be afraid to nap in it.


Once again, I’ve seen the Fourth Doctor’s scarf done better as women’s wear.


This on the other hand is awesome. I love the tardis in the corner.


And this is not a bad interpretation of the 10th Doctor’s outfit for women. I think it might be the first one I approve of.


You might think this is just a steampunk coat.


But it’s better on the inside.


And of course, the iconic TARDIS Dress.


Or in sweater format, if you prefer.


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