100 Years of Beauty Part 15: China

Oh, I have been waiting for this one. CutVideo dropped their latest installment in the 100 Years of Beauty series, and after many variations of Western beauty standards, this episode is as Eastern as you can get. Welcome to the last 100 years of beauty standards in China.


Something very interesting about these looks–unlike the other eastern beauty standards, China considered itself very advanced, so there aren’t a lot of provincial looks scattered among the early looks. Instead it feels like a head to head style for style match up with the west….that is until WWII, and Maoist China comes in to play.

But what really gets me about these? The skin tone changes. In the early going, fair as fair can be is the order of the day. Then, as the decades pass, a darker complexion is favored over the light one, as if the county is trying to get so far away from Western values that they don’t even want to have fair skin. It’s a short-lived rebellion though. But the turn of the new century, they’re lightening her face almost to pure white, and back to an easternized reflection of the looks favored in the west.


One thought

  1. It would have been interesting to have a split screen to see differences (if any) with Taiwan and/or Hong Kong once communism took over China.


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