Project Runway: Junior “You Go Girl”

This week, Project Runway: Junior has managed to score themselves a guest star at the level that Project Runway proper has not been able to do in many a moon. Michelle Obama, the most fashionable first lady of my lifetime, has graced the show with her presence (via television.) In exchange, the show has given over promotional time to one of her première charities “Let Girls Learn.” In return, the kid designers, who are making “girl-on-the-go” outfits this week, will be competing for the chance to design a backpack for the charity. This also is tied back to the Peace Corp, who send a representative in person to play up the organizations ties to Let Girls Learn.

So what the heck is “Girl-On-The-Go”? Well, from Tim Gunn’s wheel o’misfortune, it looks like that can mean anything from a sporty girl to a party girl to a working girl. With a spin of the wheel, each designer winds up with their inspiration.


  • Maya: Sporty
  • Zachary: Party
  • Jesse: School
  • Victoria: Party
  • Matt: School
  • Zach: Party
  • Samantha: Work
  • Peytie: Travel
  • Bridget: School
  • Jaxson: Sporty

I’m surprised how many designers wanted “party” for their theme, though I suppose that’s probably the easiest. This week is a double elimination (except for Bridget, who has immunity), so the designers are hoping for easy. Who can blame them? Everyone gets to go to Mood this week, with a $200 budget, and of course, only one day to do it.

With so much on the line, let’s see what awaits Tim during his walkthrough.


  • Peytie: Her fabric is a very faux African hippie design. She’s making something that looks like overalls out of it.
  • Zachary: The top is Teen Prom.The pants are Katherine Hepburn. The corset gets cut.
  • Maya: The collar is fun, the diagonal zipper is on trend. The overall effect is not wow though.
  • Jaxson: He asked himself what Sporty Spice would wear. The problem is, the answer is “not what you’re making.”
  • Jesse: It’s not a bad design, but the seams hurt. Tim points out the skirt makes it looks old.
  • Victoria: I swear, she’s wearing the same outfit she had on the dummy. Tim points out its the same thing she made last week as well.

The models arrive. Jaxson, having just started over, doesn’t have much for his to try on. Upon realizing that, he decides not to totally restart from scratch, for fear of a near meltdown on the day of the runway. (At least he’s learned his time management limits!) Everyone else at least has stuff for the models to try on, even if some of the results are questionable.

Day of runway, and even with not starting over, Jaxson is working until the last-minute. We should note last week’s bottom dwellers, Matt and Samantha, have gotten almost no camera time, which suggests whatever happens they are probably safe this week.

Let’s see what the judges have to say about that.


Sadly, Michelle Obama did not actually show up to judge the runway show. (This is probably for the best, since Project Runway doesn’t really want to go through Secret Service rigmarole.) Today Hannah makes sure to note that the Tim Gunn Save is still a thing, though once again, no one mentioned the AnthonyRyan Rule. Sorry kids, no anonymity for you.

Mushy Middle


Samantha: Those pants are hideous.


Matt: Those boob circles ruin what is otherwise a really nice gown.


Zach: Flower garden jumpsuit


Bridget: I love the faux flannel. The dress is a throw away.



Maya: The sporty jacket/vest isn’t bad, The rest of the outfit helps elevate it, especially the pants. Kelly is right–it does fee very lululemon.



Zachary: The non-dress wearer’s prom outfit. The cape gives it a dramatic fair without having a dress. The judges love that.


Peytie: Not overalls, but a smock with an open back showing off shorts underneath. Not a bad design, on trend, and a smart use of the print. I’m not surprised she wins, since she didn’t have the easy obvious category and she nailed it.



Jaxson: The construction issues once again are just borderline disaster. The seams are a mess, the only reason she doesn’t look unfinished is the white overlay, and she desperately needed to be given a bra.


Jesse: What a boring, run of the mill “school” outfit. The judges are really disappointed. They admit the tailoring is well done, but this is a literal school uniform. He totally missed the point.


Victoria: Was this supposed to be interesting? I suppose the fact that it’s not falling apart is a major plus. The neckline is a bit of a disaster, but not enough to make it memorable.

I’m not surprised Victoria is cut. I’ve been waiting for her to go, since she was clearly not in the top half of this group. I am shocked they send Jesse home over Jaxson. Jesse can actually produce finished garments. Why are they continuing to string Jaxson along? Are they waiting for him to totally crash and burn and send a naked model down the runway before they eliminate him?


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