Doctor Who: “The Husbands of River Song” Images

One really useful thing about the season of Doctor Who not ending until December is that we have a much shorter wait between the Series 9 finale and the Christmas Special. And from the looks of things, this is going to be a funny one.

20150904-DW S9XMAS-165751A

Capaldi is ready to move on from mourning Clara, and River is ready to meet her next husband incarnation. Oh and by the way, from what I understand, this episode, for her, happens directly post “Angels Take Manhattan.” (Hey, BBC, when we are finally done with River Song, do you think you can release a boxset of the episodes in her experienced order?)

More pictures below.

Picture shows: Alex Kingston as River Song and Phillip Rhys as Ramone

Someone still has her key…


Someone doesn’t understand his instructions.


That someone is played by Matt Lucas, and is captioned as Nardole.

9901109-high- 9901132-high-

Greg Davies is King Hydroflax, River Song’s Other Husband.

20150909-DW S9XMAS-173742

Yes, she threatening him with a sonic trowel.

Let’s have some portraits.

_final_9790113_9790103 _final_9810141_9810131

Rowan Polonski as Flemming.

_final_9810157_9810144 _final_9810180_9810170

Phillip Rhys as Ramon


Rover Song, in my next cosplay outfit.

_final_9852577_9852567 _final_9852590_9852580

Her headless husband.

_final_9852603_9852593 _final_9852616_9852606

River Song, in everyone else’s next cosplay outfit.

9901579-high- 9901609-high- 9954774-high- 9954787-high-

I think I like her husband better without his head…




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