Your Daily Kitty Is Framed



2 thoughts

  1. Pretty as a picture!

    Mr Bear and I took my mom to her beach house for the weekend, and got home yestereen after dark. You should have heard the feline wail that went up when I left the house this morning to go to work.


    1. I’ll bet. Did I tell about the friends of mine who left for Mexico at the end of November for a two month stay. They took all five of their cats with them. Two cages of two in cargo and one as carryon. Did you you that you can only bring three cats into Mexico before things get much more rigourous and inspect-y. The listed three cats under one name and two under another and sailed through.
      Anyway there has been torrential downpours where they live for the past two days. They are very thankful for the covered patio in the house they are renting. Because the cats can climb the fence, and there is a crocodile or alligator area (rescue) on one side of them, the cats are on their leads most of the time when outdoors.


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