Your Daily Kitty Is Quite Done with Today

fuck everyone


2 thoughts

  1. Someone pulled the fire alarm today at work and the alarm did not go off. As John Watson would say, a bit not good. I expect some heads will roll since it was an actual fire.

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  2. To follow up from yesterday: Dear JHarper2, you had mentioned friends and cats and wintering in Mexico, but I did not realize there was a limit to the number of cats one could take to Mexico. Naming the carriers instead of the cats seems like genius.

    Leads seem prudent under the circumstances. Violet is of two minds about them. She objects to them on principle, but she also knows that when I get her harness down, it means she can go out in the yard and explore all she wants. She will run up and stick her head in the harness and then complain bitterly when I try to fasten it.


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