PreFall 2016: McQ

McQ has been Sarah Burton’s street-wise streetwear line for the McQueen brand for quite a few turns of the seasons now. But for PreFall, a new sense of refinement and classy cleanliness seemed to have infused her designs for it.


Some of the hallmark staples we are used to seeing in this label still showed up, but there were far less of it that the norm. Only one or two leather jackets, little denim and less tee shirts. In its place there were tuxedo like jackets, pinstripes and lace. The shoes were knock outs–put them all on the to-buy list. And the overlays added much-needed elements of fun to the proceedings. But the elevating of the street line begged the question–if McQ isn’t here to be the down and dirty answer to the highfalutin looks of the McQueen brand, then what exactly is it for? Without the ability to answer that, Burton risks taking a reliable money-maker for the House and diluting it down until no one remembers why is exists or what they ever thought was cool about it.

Let’s hope for Resort she gets back to the tee shirts and jeans. Until then, here’s the full collection.

mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-02 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-03 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-04 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-05 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-06 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-07 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-08 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-09 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-10 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-11 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-12 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-13 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-14 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-15 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-16 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-17 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-18 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-19 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-20 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-21 mcq-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-22


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