Face Off: Season 10 Cast List

Face Off is only a few weeks away from returning to SyFy as one of their most popular reality shows. Having hit the first season of double digits, this is a mini-milestone for the production, which only celebrated its 100th episode last season. The new season returns January 13th.


With that in mind, it’s time to see who the show has rounded up this season to function as their new round of guinea pigs. Though the trailers have been emphasizing this is the wildest season yet (meh, it’s always the wildest season yet), from the looks of it, this season will be fairly standard. No mentors, no substitute judges, no overlaying theme that is only remembered when convenient. They’ve even whittled the contestant list down to a manageable 14 people instead of the higher 16-18 numbers we’ve seen in the last couple of rounds.

Check out the full list below.



  • Anna Cali , 31 – Chicago, IL
  • Anthony Canonica, Jr , 21 – Williamstown, NJ
  • Gregory ‘Greg’ Schrantz , 21 – Allentown, PA
  • Jennifer Bowden , 36 – South Haven, MI
  • John ‘Johnny’ Leftwich , 28 – Richmond, VA
  • Kaleb Lewis , 22 – Oil City, PA
  • Katherine ‘Katie’ Kinney , 24 – Litchfield, IL
  • Melanie ‘Mel’ Licata , 26 – Hightstown, NJ
  • Melissa Ebbe , 36 – Milwaukee, WI
  • Njoroge ‘Samuel’ Karumba , 49 – Meriden, NH
  • Robert ‘Rob’ Seal , 20 – Lake View Terrace, CA
  • Robert Lindsay , 45 – Berlin, Germany
  • Walter Welsh , 26 – Martinez, CA
  • Yvonne Cox , 28 – Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

It’s funny, after the hordes of contestants the last couple of times, this group almost seems lightweight with only fourteen. Let’s hope that keeping the numbers down means the show plans this season to keep the quality of produced looks high.


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