Your Daily Kitty Is Boxed In



6 thoughts

  1. Will swift drone delivery, Amazon is testing Prime Kitty delivery for cuteness deficit emergencies.


  2. I was watching the birds at the bird feeders over Christmas and noticed that sometimes the flock arrived and devoured the sunflower seeds mostly and sometimes the mixed seeds were favoured.
    It occurred to me that perhaps there is more than one flock that descends on the feeders are various times of day. Some look larger and some seem to be smaller groups.
    Maybe what I thought was one really greedy group of birds is several groups of sensible eaters.
    No way for me to find out though.


    1. The scientist in me wants to devise an experiment to test it, but the first thing I think of is tagging birds….not exactly feasible.


      1. I was thinking RFID tags, then flying the birds through readers on the way to the feeders.
        Just a curious thought I had. Just because “they” all appear the same, does not mean there are not several groups of “theys”.
        Mostly idle thought as I look out the window waiting for the tea water to boil.


        1. You are much more high-tech than I. 🙂 I was thinking more old school leg tags on the birds (maybe one color per group at the feeder), and then you could tell if each group is made up of the same individuals.


  3. After an abnormally warm start to winter, it’s supposed to get down into the single digits F tonight. Ack!


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