The First Trailer for Netflix “The Crown”

I am already a sucker for all things royal. but even if I wasn’t i believe I would be head over ears for this. Matt Smith as Phillip, the man who doesn’t realized that marrying the Queen means he will not be in charge of his own marriage. John Lithgow as Winston Churchill, the man who saved England in World War II, only to see himself cast aside. And Claire Foy as Elizabeth, a woman who was born with no thought of becoming queen, until her Uncle did something amazingly stupendously selfish, and nearly took the entire monarchy out in the process, rather leaving her to hold it together.

the crown2

The seeds of the making of the UK’s modern monarchy, ladies and gentlemen. I am so here for it. The plan is for The Crown to run several seasons, at least six, that will carry us through Elizabeth’s life, with the first one her rise to the throne in the 1950s through to today.

If nothing else the costuming and the acting will be superb. Foy really has been done up to look like a glamorized version of Elizabeth II. (We should be honest, Helen Mirren is actually closed to the real thing., and I half hope as the Queen ages they trade out for Mirren rather than age up Foy. After all, it’s the same team that wrote and produced “The Queen.”)


One thought

  1. Looking forward to this as well. I am rather a partisan of this branch of the Windsors. QE2 has done an excellent job on the whole and has followed the excellent example set her by her parents. The beloved, in spite of herself Queen Mom and GeorgeVI of the speech fame who was a little underserved by that movie.
    He worked himself literally to death between 1936 and 1951, years of uncertainty, years of bitter war and of bitter peace.
    It was said of him that “he worked so hard to be an adequate King that he ended being one of the best”
    RIP I hope the series serves him well.
    I even have a sneaking liking for Phillip and his complicated uncle Mountbatten, perhaps too good of a politician.

    Churchill was such a mixture of high principle and low cunning. Capable of such great Liberal action and such brutal violent imperialism.
    Still, let him be remembered for his finest hour.


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