The Best and the Worst of the 2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

The Golden Globes: one part drunken Oscars, one part high end Emmys. And more importantly, one of the classiest red carpets of the year. Everyone brings their A game to this event, and thank heavens, because after the low end red carpets we’ve had to cover, it was about time to see a few divine looks arrive and stop the event dead.  We’ve not only got a Top Ten Best looks, but a full Top Ten Honorable Mentions, and a rack of men to drool over.

And then of course, there are the misses, the tried-too-hards and the tragically unfortunates. We’ll get to those in turn. But first, let’s hit the best looks of the evening….


1 jennifer-lopez-in-giambattista-valli

Jennifer Lopez, discovering as she nears 50 that demur and covered will do wonders for her, and she doesn’t have to sacrifice a single inch of diva dom. Top look of the night. Giambattista Valli says you’re welcome dear.

2 amy-adams-in-atelier-versace

After watching Amy Adams spend a full awards season pretending to be Nicole Kidman, it’s such a relief to see her looking like herself in this sporty but glam Versace.

3 laverne-cox-in-elizabeth-kennedy2

Laverne Cox has come into her own. She was starting to get one note with the same gown to every event. It’s good to see her discover that there are other necklines and relaxed hairstyles that will do her justice.

4 ana-de-la-reguera

I wish I knew the designer of Ana de la Reguera’s gown, because I just love it, along with the “how to do goth make up right” face.

5 lady-gaga-in-versace

Who knew when she was arriving in eggs and sporting meat gowns that Lady Gaga had a classy dame inside her? Who knew she’d take home a Globe for her acting skills? This Versace gown knew.

6 viola-davis-in-marchesa

Viola Davis is straight up divine in Marchesa. I will fight anyone who disagrees.

7 bryce-dallas-howard-in-jenny-packham

Somehow this was only the first time Bryce Dallas Howard ever attending the Globes, which just goes to show that father Ron wasn’t the type to do daddy-daughter dates. Still, she got it right on the first try with this Jenny Packham.

8 jada-pinkett-smith-in-versace

Jada Pinkett Smith is here to rule over the carpet in Versace. Even if that carpet is in Never Never Land.

9 felicity-huffman-in-lorena-sarbu

Felicity Huffman would have been a standard issue sequins look, but the neckline of this Lorena Sarbu saved her.

10 Carly Chaikin

Rounding out the Top Ten, Carly Chaikin, in a gown that is all about the fabric. Too bad I couldn’t find out the designer.

Honorable Mentions

11 zendaya-in-marchesa2

I know some will disagree with me, but I love watching Zendaya grow into her own on the red carpet. I also like her in this Marchesa.

12 taraji-henson-in-stella-mccartney

So remember Taraji Henson at the Emmys? This is literally the same Stella McCartney gown in white instead of black. I’m not tired of it yet either.

13 jaimie-alexander-in-genny

The shapes are a little much, but I like the silhouette of Jaimie Alexander’s Genny gown.

14 lily-james-in-marchesa

Lily James, channeling high class goth girl in Marchesa.

15 caitriona-balfe-in-alexander-mcqueen

It’s a touch boudoir, but Caitriona Balfe can be forgiven for it in this Alexander McQueen.

16 saorise-ronan-in-yves-saint-laurent-couture

Saorise Ronan is the perfect ingenue in Yves Saint Laurent Couture.

17 eva-green-in-elie-saab

Eva Green in Elie Saab. Wouldn’t have thought of that. Not sure the hair is quite high end enough to match the dress though.

18 cate-blanchett-in-givenchy

This Givinchy should not have worked on anyone, and yet Cate Blanchett looks pretty damn good. How is this?

19 channing-and-jenna-dewan-tatum-in-zuhair-murad-couture

The Tatums. Her Zuhair Murad dress is fab, but his hair is bad and they both look stoned.

The Men

20 aziz-ansari

Aziz Ansari, in subtle patterning.

21 Dwayne Johnson and Simone Johnson

The Rock Is Wearing Velvet. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. (That’s his daughter, by the way, not his date.)

22 jason-statham

Jason Statham knows, if you can, always emulate The Rock.

23 david-oyelowo

David Oyelowo, in non subtle patterning.

24 damian-lewis

Damian Lewis needs another button to button.

25 eddie-redmayne

Eddie Redmayne, in a tux jacket that looks like a smoking jacket.

26 michael-fassbender

Michael Fassbender. Two to go please.

27 oscar-isaac

Oscar Isaac may have won for his turn in Show Me A Hero, but he knows he got the attention he did because of Star Wars.

28 michael-b-jordan

Michael B Jordan, giving waistcoat wearing lessons.

29 rami-malek

Every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed Robot. Rami Malek in Dior.

30 sam-heughan

Sam Heughan get posted because of his hair as much as his suit.

31 sam-smith

Sam Smith, Smarmy.

32 leonardo-dicaprio

Leo is aging badly.

The Misses

33 alicia-vikander-in-louis-vuitton

Alicia Vikander’s Louis Vuitton looks like a cross between Venetian blinds and the Downton standard issue maid’s uniform.

34 america-ferrera-in-jenny-packham

I would have liked America Ferrera’s Jenny Packham gown better in a different color.

35 brie-larson-in-calvin-klein

Brie Larson was played up hard by the pre red carpet show on E, and then she arrived in Calvin Klein, looking like a Trump casino accessory.

36 joanne-froggatt-in-reem-acra

I like the color of Joanne Froggatt’s Reem Acra, but you can see the “invisible” netting, so points off.

37 kate-bosworth-in-dolce-gabbana

Kate Bosworth, channeling Mid-Career Nicole Kidman in Dolce & Gabbana.

38 eva-longoria-in-george-hobeika

I liked Eva Longoria’s George Hobeika gown on screen, but photographed straight on, it’s unflattering.

39 malin-akerman-in-reem-acra

Someone tell Malin Akerman that wearing a tea doily as part of one’s Reem Acra is a fashion don’t.

40 jennifer-lawrence-in-dior

I wanted to like J.Law’s Dior gown, but the cut outs won’t let me.

The Bad

41 emilia-clarke-in-valentino

Emilia Clarke in Valentino. Mother’s dragons took off because they didn’t want to be seen with this.

42 rooney-mara-in-alexander-mcqueen

Rooney Mara in Alexander McQueen, buttons and shredder leftovers.

43 maggie-gyllenhaal-in-marc-jacobs

Maggie Gyllenhaal in a Marc Jacobs that ages her by twenty years.

44 natalie-dormer-in-j-mendel

Natalie Dormer in J.Mendel. The dress screams Mother of Dragons, while the hair screams “Brush me.”

45 melissa-benoist-in-monique-lhuillier

Melissa Benoist in a Monique Lhuillier bedsheet.

The Ugly

46 regina-king-in-krikor-jabotian

Regina King in Krikor Jabotian. The shape is so unflattering I thought it was a jumpsuit at first. It would have been better if it was.

47 jane-fonda-in-yves-saint-laurent

Jane Fonda in Yves Saint Laurent. She thought when they said “raise the roof” she was supposed to wear one.

48 kate-hudson-in-michael-kors-collection

Kate Hudson in Michael Kors. Kate Hudson finally ends her streak of Red Carpet Top Ten looks. Does she not understand that’s the only reason she gets invited?

49 katy-perry-in-prada

Katy Perry In Hideous Prada. Pepto meets Elvira. We don’t know what you were doing there either child.

The Tragic

50 melissa-mccarthy-in-melissa-mccarthy

Melissa McCarthy in…. Melissa McCarthy.

Yes, she designed that herself. This is what she thinks looks good on her. This is what she likes to wear.



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