Project Runway: Junior “#EOTD (Elimination of the Day)”

We’re down to six contestants and two more challenges until the finale. And the good news is that the kids are finally being allowed to go to Mood after having to Mini it up the last couple of weeks. At Mood they meet not only Tim but season judge Aya Kanai, who has been here as the Nina-type-for-the-Teen-crowd, as she is the Fashion Director at Seventeen &Cosmo. Unsurprisingly, this is the Magazine branded challenge. Or perhaps, surprisingly? One of he refreshing points of this variation is that ever challenge isn’t branded and stickered with a sponsor name and logo.Clipboard01

Aya is here with a hashtag, because that’s what all the cool kids are doing now, and it’s one I have to admit I’ve never heard of (blessedly neither has Tim.) #OOTD, or Outfit of the Day. It’s the hip new thing Seventeen is trying to make happen y’all! And I’m sure it will, right after #fetch. To that end the kids are sent out onto the street to accost street plants, and take pictures, before coming back and actually having a budget ($200) to shop.

The street experience and shopping is telling, as Samantha goes after construction workers, most other ones go for Summer in the City work outfits, and Jaxson….fails to hit up just about anyone. Jaxson also shops really terribly, to the point that Tim quietly chases after him and tried to talk him into buying something other than caution tape yellow neoprene and muppet fur. Not that Zach shops much better.

Let’s see what Tim has to say.


  • Zach: He has a blouse that looks something my boss would wear to work. Tim asks if it’s editorial enough.
  • Samantha: She and her construction worker pants are very on track to win this thing. Tim makes positive noises.
  • Zachary: He took the most pictures, and is trying to do something based on menswear, but the result is, in his own words “Mature.” Tim is pleased the kid got there without having to be told.
  • Peytie: She found an older Jewish hippie type, and is trying to do the youthful spin. Tim worries it looks cheap.
  • Jaxson: He’s already abandoning his muppet fur for the fabric Tim made him buy. Tim cries out Hallelujah!
  • Maya: She’s doing “unconventional work clothes” Tim cheers her on.

Tim decides to open mini Mood for 15 minutes since Jaxson needs more fabric, and Peytie needed a new non-hospital gown something for her pants, and he failed to force her to buy an alternative.


Post fitting, Zach decides to start all over, despite the time constraints. Jaxson is a total mess, which makes me wonder why this show keeps pushing him along. Zachary also is having trouble rethinking his look. Day of runway, all three are in pretty bad shape, which suggests that the Top and Bottom looks this week are going to be all about default.

Let’s see why the judges decide to force Jaxson through for another week.


Hannah demands that the children tell her this was a fun challenge, and continues to pretend #OOTD is a thing. Interesting to note that this week she does not mention the Tim Gunn Save. Also, and just as interestingly, unlike the last couple of weeks there is no careful phrasing that “one… or more of you! will be out.”



Peytie: Why Peytie, why did you insist on making pants? If that denim was a skirt–ANY kind of skirt–this would have been a knock out hands down win. Instead it’s a great top a super vest and disastrous 90s homemade phat pants. The judges overlook the pants to praise her growing aesthetic.


Maya: I really love that skirt. I would buy that skirt and wear it to work. I am less certain about the top and the jacket, especially in one outfit with the skirt, but each piece by itself is pretty damn good. The judges love that it’s three pieces they can mix and match and turn into an editorial for a photo shoot easily.


Samantha: I am not thrilled by her top. It is too much. The top needed a black simple miniskirt in order to stand out. But those cargo shorts are totally winning this thing, and there’s nothing we can do about it. The judges drool.

I’m not surprised they give the win to Samantha. I am pleased to discover they decide to call the win a tie, and put Maya’s outfit in Seventeen as well. Score!



Zachary: Full disclosure: I love the vest. The skirt of many lengths is where he lost me, but I in all seriousness would try that top on and probably buy it. I see shades of Thom Brown in it. I get why the judges, except for Aya, are all “nope,” (after all, I don’t shop Seventeen magazine) but I would still buy it. (Even if Hannah compared it to casino workers uniforms.)


Zach: Those shorts are beyond tragic. I mean, she has camel toe in her leg creases. And the top looks like something out of Golden Girls. Blanche called and wants it back. If this is the reason Jaxson winds up staying another week, I give up. He admits he choked to the judges, saying the idea of showing in Seventeen made him over think and freeze up.


Jaxson: Basic, unfinished, boredom. The dress is nothing, and Aya agrees. It’s a yellow hole where fashion is missing. The jacket is so unfinished it’s not even passable. I hate to be mean, because this show is so not mean, but seriously, this kid is beyond past his sell-by date. Please, for everyone’s sake, send him home.

With Zach and Jaxson as the Bottom Two, it looks like once again someone else is about to bottom out again and force Jaxson along for another week. The judges all start crying as they cut Zach…. and then cut Jaxson as well. The final four all lose it when they realize they’re losing two friends at a blow. Tim can’t even keep it together, which is probably the hardest part to watch. I’m sad along with them, but at the same time, holy gods am I ever glad to see Jaxson go. It was so time. I’m sorry Zach went too, but not surprised.


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