Face Off Season 10: The Toys Come Out To Play

After last week’s mystery of whether Face Off now airs on Tuesday, as it has for the past nine seasons, or if this move to Wednesday to make room for The Expanse was permanent, we now have our answer. Face Off airs on Wednesdays! Turns out removing wrestling from the channel all together gave the week more room.

Not only is Face Off on a new day, but it’s also allowing itself to be less horror based and more over the top fun. It’s only our second week, and we’re already doing a whimsical challenge, as our contestants arrive at Culver Studios to a lay out of life-sized toys. Ve, who worked on PeeWee’s Playhouse in her early career, joins McKenzie to introduce the challenge. And just in case any of the contestants are slow, she spells out that this is not to be a horror look in any way. “Do not go to the dark place!” toys

This is a team challenge, with teams of two for everyone but one. Melissa, as last week’s winner, gets to choose which of the producer paired groups she wants to join for her team. (She notes this is not much of a prize, since now she feels extra pressured to be the “best” team, with three of them.)

  • Walter&Ant: Racecar
  • Njorge&Jennifer: Crayon
  • Anna&Mel: Gold Watch
  • Robert&Yvonne: Dice
  • Katie&Kaleb: Key
  • Johnny&Rob&Melissa: Lollipop

I’m a little confused why Kaleb and Katie picked the key, since they “don’t want to make a key character.” Robert, despite his German accents-are-hilarious accents seems again to be a really difficult team member. But the drama focuses on Mel and Anna, who spend a lot of their time freaking out and overthinking their design.

Let’s see what Michael Westmore has to say.

michael westmore

  • Walter&Ant: “Nice cowl. What are you doing to the face?” Michael Westmore is very dubious about their idea to not do any facial prosthesis, but the confidence in their beauty makeup skills is enough that he lets them go with it.
  • Njorge&Jennifer: Their crayon looks like the Tin Man. Michael says it looks like a person with a hat.
  • Anna&Mel: They have such a great concept, they just need more confidence in their design. Michael agrees.
  • Johnny&Rob&Melissa: Michael only has the most minor of notes.
  • Robert&Yvonne: They are also told their look is too human and not fantastical enough
  • Katie&Kaleb: Michael likes the design, but he doesn’t see the key at all.

Day two sees Anna and Mel calm down and realize they’re in a good place. Walter and Ant get the “Mold drama” edit as their cowl (the only piece they are molding, remember) comes out looking in Ant’s words “like Swiss cheese.” Meanwhile Yvonne has taken the “too human” comment to heart, while Jennifer and Njorge seem to have totally not heard that critique at all.


Application day sees Walter and Ant having massive cowl issues with ugly seams and edges everywhere. Considering their luck this week, perhaps not having extra prosthesis for the face was the right choice. Robert once again is a terrible team member, not working well with his team-mate, or their time limit. Jennifer is worried their Crayon doesn’t look nearly as good as she’s hoped.

Let’s see what the judges think.


Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page are in residence today. Ve Neill is not just here, but she’s brought a friend. Paul Rubens, the once and always PeeWee, is sitting next to her, here to guest judge today’s looks. He’s also shilling his latest PeeWee movie project, which Ve did the make up on.

Mushy Middle

Walter & Ant

Walter&Ant: Racecar they did a remarkable job covering up the cowl’s failings. And that beauty makeup really is spot on.

Katie & Kaleb

Katie&Kaleb: Key I still don’t really see the key, though the bodice piece I suppose works to suggest one. It’s really pretty though.


Johnny, Rob & Melissa

Johnny&Rob&Melissa: Lollipop So I have some quibbles with the bulbous nose and the headdress swirls, which make me think of Candyland. But that vest is such a knock out, considering the amount of work that went into it. Rubens whispers that it’s a very sad lollipop, he wanted a happier lollipop. Ve says that they gave her exactly what she asked for, childlike and whimsical.

Anna & Mel

Anna&Mel: Gold Watch I’m really glad they didn’t do the numbers on the face, but all over. Of all the make ups tonight, this one feels like it’s really to run on stage on PeeWee’s Playhouse. Or run into the room in Toy Story and yell that the humans are coming. It’s versatile that way. Rubens loves everything about it. Glenn loves the face paint job, where they really made human skin look like human skin. Ve is over the moon about that. No surprise they are the top look. Mel, who did the skin paint job, is given the win and immunity.


Robert & Yvonne

Robert&Yvonne: Dice Primary Color blocking with a duck nose. There were just so many better choice to be made here, especially because they didn’t pick a board game–they picked *dice.* Neville calls it creepy and weird, and says this tips into horror, which was exactly NOT what they wanted. All four judges agree the nose is a huge problem, they compare it, and the smaller game pieces to a bottle nipple, which affords Rubens the chance to say nipple several times in succession.

Njorge & Jennifer

Njorge&Jennifer: Crayon Look at this makeup/Look how dull it is to you/And how obvious too/And it was all yellow. Ve tries to be nice, but her comment that just because it’s a crayon didn’t need to be monochromatic. Neville calls it uninteresting and incomplete. Glenn says but not doing a lot of prosthesis work, they also handicapped themselves in what they could do with it. Jennifer is eliminated, since the cowl was hers.



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