Project Runway: Junior “PreFinale Four”

We’re only one episode away from the Project Runway: Junior two part finale. It should be noted that we have four designers left, and one Tim Gunn Save still on the shelf. You do the math of the probable results for this evening. Whether there are three or four left after this, the finalists will be showing at New York Fashion Week, proving that Lifetime is perfectly capable of scheduling a season of Project Runway where New York Fashion Week doesn’t fall during Top Ten week, necessitating either anonymous runway shows, or worse, all ten remaining designers showing at NYFW, negating the exclusivity of that being part of making the finale.



For this challenge, we have a brand new Brand Sponsor–Rowena, who makes the irons the contestant use–necessitating the challenge to involve iron on aspect to this design. Otherwise there’s not really limits to this challenge other than the garment representing “who [the children] are as designers.” It’s a one day challenge, as always, but there is a trip to Full Sized Mood, with a $400 budget.

Perhaps it’s good they don’t actually have more than a day to make their designs, as we have at least one designer who is choking in the face of pressure. Let’s see if Tim can fix this.


  • Maya: It’s black and boning and gothy, but officey. Tim says “Wow.” He is impressed. (I am too.)
  • Peytie: She’s got a hippie-esque romper. At least she’s consistent.
  • Samantha: She’s trying to be Tom Browne with menswear fabrics to make women’s wear pieces. But hey, she’s not making pants.
  • Zachary: Our basketcase meltdown. He started out talking about eveningwear, but he’s questioned himself into a corner. Tim gently nudges him into what he wants to do, and tells him he’s got a really great wow factor going.

Tim is clearly attached to all four finalists,and tells them all he loves them before leaving. Good thing he’s still got that save.


Day of runway, and though all of them have tons of work to do, all of them are in pretty good shape. The iron on transfers are also really not terrible as I thought they were going to be. Mostly they’re being used to do black outlines along racer backs and pockets, and don’t feel obtrusive at all like I thought they might. if only all brand sponsors were so thoughtful in what they supply for mandatory use.

Let’s see which of these guys the judges send home, and if Tim saves whoever it is.


Hannah makes sure to emphasize how much the judges and herself cannot imagine any of them not making it to the finale, calling them prodigies. She does not mention the Tim Gunn Save though, probably because that would be a little too obvious. (Or perhaps it expired? We’ll see.)

No one is really given a “bottom” critique, so we’ll just present in the order they are put through to NYFW.


Maya: The leather dress on the bottom came together, which is good, because that coat needed a foundation. but let’s be real. This look is really all about that chiffon coat. The judges are floored. The only critic is that she should have chosen a better leather for the under dress. The coat is amazing. She’s through first.


Peytie: That is one of the best hippie rompers I have seen in a while. it is on trend, on point and, hell I hate rompers, and I would probably stop and consider trying it on. Christian likes it better when he realizes it’s a romper, and not a too-short dress. The rest of the judges compliment her for being very different from the rest of the pack. She’s through second.


Samantha: I’m just not a big fan of her aesthetic, which is kind of a problem. But she didn’t do pants. instead she did a cute mini dress and coat. And I applaud her for it. Her iron-ons are the African symbol for “leadership,” which tickles the judges. Christian is tickled more that the dress underneath the coat is actually finished, unlike last time. She’s put through last, but warned to up her wow factor.


Zachary: I love the concept. But the execution is not all the way there, because he didn’t have the time. The bodice has uneven bits, the skirt is a little too short. It should hit the floor and train. Aya calls it the most successful use of the iron-ons, even as she admits there are fit issues. Kelly frets that you can’t see the details because they are black on black. Christian tells him he needed more of an editing eye.

Zachary totally cries his eyes out upon being eliminated, but that’s nothing on the waterworks that come when Tim walks in and says exactly what he knew he would. Zachary’s not going anywhere. All four of them are going to the two part finale and NYFW.


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