Paris Spring 2016 Couture: Atelier Versace

Here in the US East coast, we battened down the hatches and received more snow in a day than Alaska has gotten so far all year. But over in Paris Couture week went on, like it always does. Sunday was opening day, and as always Donatella Versace opened with her usual brand of feminine curve-hugging Vegas-by-way-of-Hollywood showgirl.

Atelier Versace-0

Sporty seemed to be the order of the day for the first half of the collection, which looked like it had just come back from the Winter Olympics, in white sporty jumpsuits and curve hugging pants. But though those were interesting, it was the back half of the collection, with the ready for red carpet looks that will probably been seen again for the Oscars.

Atelier Versace-01 Atelier Versace-02 Atelier Versace-03 Atelier Versace-04 Atelier Versace-05 Atelier Versace-06 Atelier Versace-07 Atelier Versace-09 Atelier Versace-10 Atelier Versace-11 Atelier Versace-12 Atelier Versace-13 Atelier Versace-14 Atelier Versace-15 Atelier Versace-16 Atelier Versace-17 Atelier Versace-18 Atelier Versace-19 Atelier Versace-20 Atelier Versace-21 Atelier Versace-22 Atelier Versace-23 Atelier Versace-24 Atelier Versace-25 Atelier Versace-26 Atelier Versace-27 Atelier Versace-28 Atelier Versace-29 Atelier Versace-30 Atelier Versace-31 Atelier Versace-32 Atelier Versace-33 Atelier Versace-34 Atelier Versace-35 Atelier Versace-36 Atelier Versace-37 Atelier Versace-38 Atelier Versace-39 Atelier Versace-40 Atelier Versace-41 Atelier Versace-42 Atelier Versace-43 Atelier Versace-44 Atelier Versace-45 Atelier Versace-46


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