Your Daily Kitty Declares a Mandatory Cuddle Curfew



7 thoughts

  1. I hope everyone survived the weekend and are successfully digging out from the snow.

    Did anyone watch the X-Files last night? Wasn’t Mulder sentenced to the death penalty at the end of the series, which is why they went on the run? How is it he is living a normal life now?


  2. I am only dug out because a kindly neighbor brought over a snowblower and chewed out the plow wall at the foot of my drive.

    The dog and the bear are both stir-crazy. I have a telework agreement so I’m working at home even though the government is closed, and am 100% resentful about that.


    1. Those damn plow walls. Times like that I fantasize about having some sort of science fiction technology (a phaser maybe) to just vaporize them.


      1. There is no reason other than lack of training for there to be plow walls. Here, the plow operators have a litttle extension tip that they drop when the plow reaches a driveway that cleans out the mouth of the driveway and doesn’t deposit any snow there.
        Because otherwise there is that hard packed half ice barrier.


        1. I suspect you have better plows than we do, as well as better plow operators. Most of the plowing that happened in my neighborhood was by contractors in pickup trucks with plows strapped to the front and salt spreaders in the tailgate.


  3. Hope all made it through the storm okay. Don’t let the snow snobs from snowier places fool you. 60 cms (24in) in 36 hours will bury and shut down any city. Edmonton, Buffalo, Boston, Moscow or Montreal would all be buried to a standstill.


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